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Company Overview

Co-founded by *Drs.* Erika Angle and Wayne Matson, Ixcela is the leading internal health company. Ixcela helps customers measure and improve internal wellness. The company’s primary mission is the promotion and facilitation of gut health through a *pinprick* blood test that measures several key metabolites. Following the test, Ixcela provides personalized fitness and nutrition plans as well as supplements. Ixcela is located in Bedford, MA. More information is available at www.ixcela.com.


Contact Details

Samantha Nienow, Chief Marketing Officer
Email: snienow@ixcela.com
Mobile:  +1 (218) 556-7155

Product Information

Ixcela has developed a pinprick blood test that looks at the levels of unique small-molecule metabolites shown through experimentation, peer-reviewed literature, and clinical studies to be associated with gut microbiome health. Analysis of the blood spot is performed by proprietary technology, including the Electrochemical Array (CoulArray™) invented by our co-founder Wayne Matson. Ixcela is also developing unique supplements to help regulate specific biomarkers that are not at optimal levels. Thus, Ixcela provides a comprehensive approach to a) determining gut microbiome dysbiosis and b) providing actionable solutions to restoring proper gut microbiome health.


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Erika Ebbel Angle, PhD - CEO and Co-Founder of Ixcela




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