The Ramifications of Listening, Part 1: Considering “Why don’t you just…?”

Why don’t you just…

We receive questions of this nature every day. How many times have you said..

The Ramifications of Listening, Part 2: Underwater Roombas—and Ceviche

Vacuuming in the ocean was not on my personal to-do list when I set out for Bermuda. But, that..

Being a Gut Microbiome Scientist and CEO

As CEO and co-founder of Ixcela, a biotech company that analyzes individuals’ gut health (or ..

Once Upon a Crocodile

I recall the lab’s roller drum with a combination of excitement and anxiety. To me, it was not..

Let the Music Play

I love music and science, and my training in both has significantly shaped my development.

Time Flies

This flight in time towards internal fitness and entrepreneurship began at a definitive..